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The Chiropractic Belt™ - Black


Product Description

The Chiropractic Belt™

The Chiropractic Belt™ is a sacroiliac belt that is scientifically engineered to relieve lower back pain. This compact and sturdy belt assists in the healing and repair of both static and dynamic injuries to the sacroiliac joint. The design of the Adaptive Stabilizer™ consists of 2 velcro straps that provides gentle, but firm support to the lower back.

The Chiropractic Belt™ relieves pain, discomfort and instability caused by ligament and other connective tissue sprain/strain of the lower back. Now you can regain balance and coordination to your lower back - leading you to an improvement in overall health and quality of life.

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Size Chart

How to order the correct size:

  1. Place your thumb on your hip bone
  2. Drop down 3"
  3. Measure the circumference of your pelvis at that point and add 4 – 6"
Size (per hip circumference) Inches
Youth 22" - 28"
X-Small 28" - 34"
Small 34" - 40"
Medium 40" - 46"
Large 46" - 52"
X-Large 52" - 58"
XX-Large 58" - 64"


Size (per hip circumference) Price
Youth $56.99
X-Small $57.99
Small $58.99
Medium $59.99
Large $60.99
X-Large $61.99
XX-Large $62.99

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Learn how to use and put on The Chiropractic Belt™. Contact us if you have any questions on using the belt.

Recommended Use

For best results to alleviate back pain, wear The Chiropractic Belt™ as follows or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Phase 1 During Waking Hours
Acute/Dynamic* 3 - 6 Weeks
Chronic/Static** 6 - 8 Weeks
Phase 2 During Working Hours
Acute/Dynamic* additional 4 - 6 Weeks
Chronic/Static** additional 8 - 12 Weeks
Phase 3 Supplemental Use
Acute/Dynamic* If symptoms re-occur
Chronic/Static** During heavy work load
Repetitive Injury*** As needed

* Recent Injury

** Pre-existing Injury

*** Exacerbation Of Chronic Injury

Important Note:

If pain or irritation increases while wearing The Chiropractic Belt™, reposition it by decreasing the tension of the side tension straps.

If pain or irritation is not resolved by repositioning the belt, discontinue use.

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