Since The Chiropractic Belt™ was introduced to the USA and International markets, it has relieved chronic pain for thousands of clients and patients.


It is used to both enhance and sustain chiropractic adjustments and by clients choosing to experiencethe good health and freedom of movement that can be achieved by promoting dynamic pelvic stability.

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The Chiropractic Belt™ relieves pain, discomfort and instability caused by ligament and other connective tissue sprain/strain of the lower back.


Scientifically engineered, The Chiropractic Belt™ restores integrity and balance to the pelvis and sacroiliac joint.


"Experience an improvement in overall health and quality of life."


Scientifically engineered and designed by Dr. Buddingh to relieve lower back pain. Hassle free and easy online shopping for your convenience with FREE Shipping in USA.

With firm support to your lower back, you will feel better balance and posture to your spine. Now you can get back to your daily activities and enjoy your lifestyle.

The Chiropractic Belt™ is easy to setup. The flexible and lightweight design allows your body to move freely and provides firm support

of your lower back.

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